Stuhrling vs Citizen : Which one is best?

Stuhrling vs Citizen : Which one is best?

Some of my fiends were asking me this question on regular basis so I thought I must give my point of view regarding this question in details because this is the question of the day which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

So today I am going to give a comparison of, “Stuhrling vs. Citizen” to my friends who have similar question in their mind. You can disagree with my point of view by giving your comments underneath of this post or if you agree with me than you can give your positive remarks as well.

Stuhrling vs. Citizen

Stuhrling have nice mix of homage and original stylish designs along with high quality and I love how they take box engine movements and you can dress them up with colored screws, decorated chassis parts and custom rotors.

Dislike most of Citizens design and styles. Many of their dials are just too busy, cluttered for my tastes. Love their in-house movements, although I wish they focused a little more on mechanical movements.

Stuhrling Original is more of a Fashion forward, catalog brand which means they know about changing fashions and trends better than anyone else and amazing part is their watches always remain in the affordability domain although they are producing very unique, classical and antique oriented designs with taking extra ordinary quality measures. Plus resale is also better in case your ever decide to go that route.

Overall Citizen has been at it longer, they are expensive although some of their models stand under the affordability tag but I have hear a lot of negative reviews on different forums. My impression is they are a lot like “Seiko”.

If this is your first foray into automatic watches, than I would recommend the “Stuhrling” because you will lose a small amount if you find that can not live with an automatic watch relative to discovering this by purchasing a new “Citizen Watch” because “Stuhrling Original Watch” can be had much less money and they have more appealing designs. We all like “Stylish Designs” with high quality and want them within our limits which only have “Stuhrling Watches”.